An conceptual project to create a packaging system for Eli Lilly’s line of insulin-based injection products Humilin and Humilog for treatment of diabetes. The goal was to make obvious the distinction between the different strengths and types of insulin using icons and colors. Packaging was designed to snap closed and opened easily.
Glucagon is an emergency treatment to stop a diabetic seizure while it is occurring. It must be administered by another person, such as a friend or family member, since the patient will be incapacitated. As conceptual project, the packaging was rethought from being just a container for numerous parts and instructions to taking an active role in reducing the complexity and steps that an administrator, usually not a medical professional, has deal with during this emergency situation. It displaces the manual steps of uncapping the solution, unsealing the needle, and inserting the needle into the solution, and injecting the solution – reducing the risk of bending or breaking the needle. When the package is opened, all that is left to do is to stir and extract the solution. It’s triangular shape and orange graphics are meant to prevent anything from being stacked on top it and so it can be found quickly.
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